2019 - 2020

Jenny Mathison - President

Michelle Stocks - Vice President

Meredith Baker - Secretary

Josie McDonald - Treasurer

Sylvia Abdelkader

Lesley Christie

Jacqui Doyle

Sue Hutton

Lesley Christie

Jamie Saunders

Michelle Stocks

Tracy Williams


Committee is elected at the Annual meeting in August.  Committee meet to attend to business matters relating to Growing Winchelsea Inc. 

Membership is free and requires an email address only.  Form is available from or use contact form here.

There are several sub-committees which Growing Winchelsea members may be interested to join.

Winchelsea Movie Club

Makers and Growers Market

Christmas in Winchelsea. 


If you already receive minutes and notices for monthly General Meetings, then you are a member and can vote on any matter at General meetings.

Everyone welcome to attend General meetings.


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